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About Us

Welcome to Locate in Spain

We are an international  firm based in Spain, with partners internationally. We work for companies, investors, entrepreneurs to to set up and improve their international business strategy.

Each and every one of the highly-qualified managers and technicians in Locate in Spain has been working for more than 20 years to develop a thorough understanding of the International market. All team members contribute with solid international expertise.
We are proud to have built our global partners who contribute to ensure that our clients receive the support and advice necessary for achieving success!

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Víctor Hortelano, Founder Partner, has a degree in Economics from the University of Valencia (Spain) and Master in Finance from CEF, As well as academic and professional studies abroad. He worked in the automobile industry and later he moved into other sectors. Specialising in M&A, business strategy as well as finance and international markets.  

 His hobbies include sports, sailing, travelling and spending time with his family.