Advisory Service: Finance, Taxation, Accounting and Legal


We are specialised in assisting companies in their growth by preparing and implementing the financial arrangements that companies need in order to develop their business inSpain.
Our team and partners have a large experience and a global perspective on international development and we offer a combination of strategic, financial, and advisory services for our clients’ long term success.
Do not settle for less, join us!  We will ensure financial stability for your Business in Spain

These services include:

  • Planning and Financial Management

Financial Diagnosis: An analysis of your financial statements allows us to optimise your financial structure as well as your profitability.

Business and Financial Planning: We plan the logical future for your company and the best financial structure to achieve the proposed objectives.

Fund Management:
We manage and plan your funding sources, and negotiate registration with banks and financial institutions, both with private and public capita

Restructuring liabilities

Viability Plans

  • Venture Capital

We can assist you in making decisions to invest in Venture Capital (VC) and Private Equity (Capital) with the aim of making the company increase its value by participating in enterprises belonging to dynamic sectors of the economy.

  • Investment

We can plan the best type of investment for your business, identifying strategic transaction opportunities.

- Investments from the start-up stage. Risk managenent.
- Expansion

  • Business Acquisitions and Sales

Valuation of companies:
We conduct an exhaustive study of the value of a particular firm, identifying opportunities or threats based on the interests of our client. We advise you throughout the search process in order to find the business you wish to acquire.

Buying and selling:
We develop a search process of the most appropriate partner based on your investment objectives and we act on your behalf and in your interests throughout the negotiation process.


Locate in Spain tailor the individual circumstances of the business to coordinate international assignments that draw on the local specialists.
Working across a wide range of industry sectors, the partners and managers from Locate in Spain contribute with their extensive expertise and provide consultancy services regarding taxation and accounting.

Do not hesitate to contact us and discuss your specific needs!

  • Integration of your tax compliance and accounting functions.
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements and implementation of the correct corporate governance framework
  • Customised tax planning advice

Taxation and accounting strategies involve an intricate map of rules and regulations; we can help you implement the best strategy for your business in Spain.


Locate in Spain provides our clients with legal advice on business and commercial law with quality legal counsel, individualised attention, and the highest level of professionalism and commitment.

We help to protect your business on all fronts and, regardless of the nature of your business, we may be able to assist you in keeping your enterprise in compliance with local regulations and laws.

In matters of business law you can receive the help you need with issues as important as:

  • Ensuring that your company complies with local regulations and laws
  • Establishing the correct type of legal entity, the structure and legal requirements for incorporating a business in Spain
  • Drafting contracts for employees and independent contractors
  • Intellectual property law matters, such as trademark registration
  • Protecting trade secrets and confidential business information
  • Commercial landlord service
  • Real estate legal scenarios
  • Legal Assistance for Buying or Selling Businesses

Complete legal solutions to all contractual requirements