Interim Management

Executive management for the set up period

The employees in Locate in Spain can act as interim managers for your company during the set-up period in Spain.

For the first months and until the company sends an expatriate or employs a manager, Locate in Spain can do all the paperwork to start-up the company and register it with the Inland Revenue, find employees, create the web-page, etc. This way, when the manager arrives, he will find all the infrastructure in place and will be able to start working straightaway.

Furthermore, we understand that companies and organisations require executive interim management solutions and we provide talented specialists for specific assignments who can integrate quickly into your team and make a positive impact
We have a wide range of contacts, including people with extensive and well documented experience from leading positions in many sectors.

Locate in Spain is focused on building deep, long term relationships in most sectors, and the interim manager can also organise the development and integration of a permanent team.

If you require an executive interim manager or you are interested in knowing more about Interim partners, please contact us at: