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Fiduciary taxation accounting and legal advisory services

We specialize in advising companies, investors, entrepreneurs and High Net Worth Individuals in the preservation and growth of their wealth, by preparing the appropriate strategy.
With our network of partners, we provide you with a single point of contact for: Fiduciary management, taxes, accounting and legal support services
Fiduciary Management

  • Corporate secretarial services
  • Register offices with local management
  • Local infraestrfucture
Taxation and accounting
  • Integration of tax compliance and accounting functions
  • Comply with regulatory requirements and implement the appropriate government framework
  • Personalized tax planning advice and optimization
  • Fiscal and accounting strategy 
  • Analysis of tax implications in M & A operations and in company transactions
  • International taxation.
Legal Services

  • Tailord-made legal advice
  • Correct type of legal entity, structure and legal requirements 
  • Construction of contracts
  • Legal Assistance for the M&A of businesses