Marketing and Commercial issues

International Mk and Commercial issues


We can help you develop a robust marketing strategy and business plan for your business inSpain, from our head office in the region ofValencia
We are passionate about providing the needed insight and guidance into Spanish markets and territories, clarifying industry key success factors and anticipating/identifying new opportunities or impending threats in the marketplace, to aid the advancement and profitability of the world's businesses.

 The following services are just an example of the wide range of services we offer:

  • Creating an overview of the Spanish market for your business/product
  • Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing activities

Integration across commercial functions incorporation of trends such as new media


Locate in Spain organises commercial agendas in Spain for companies interested in investing in or exporting to Spain, or for companies wishing to establish themselves here or looking for Spanish commercial representation.

  • Preparation of a database of suitable company profiles that meet the search criteria.  We act as a link in the communication between the companies abroad and the Spanish Market through our office inValencia.
  • Writing an introductory letter presenting the company, their objectives and the product(s) they wish to promote/sell, and carrying out the subsequent mailing.
  • Conducting a telephone follow-up to schedule as many meetings as possible.
  • Coordinating visits with the client’s main contact and sending the meeting itinerary.
  • We prepare a final report regarding  business contacts and company directories

 Please contact us if you wish to obtain more information about commercial agendas.


If you want to expand your business horizons in Spain, Come with us!  We will help you to obtain the right commercial organisation for your company
We contact companies, agents, distributors or local partners that match the requirements of the client.

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Through our team of experts, we bring clients the full value of a deeper understanding of customers and competitors. Therefore, our work extends across strategy, planning, execution, and capability building. the sales force and channels to accomplish?

  • We optimise sales and distribution in our markets, customers, and competitors
  • We recommend the best sales channels and sales forces
  • We work to create competitive advantage through the optimisation of sales channels and sales forces
  • We design a program for improving sales in our market


We help to design the pricing models that better meet the needs of both the firm and its customers, identifying opportunities in a strategic market  
We work with clients during the pricing processes:

  • Illustrating how the Spanish market structure and conduct affect the overall market price levels
  • Identifying pricing methods: cost pricing, target return pricing, value-based pricing, psychological pricing
  • Detailing price discounts: quantity discount, seasonal discount, cash discount, trade discount, promotional discount

Pricing is the most sensitive profit lever that managers can influence, where very small changes in average price translate into huge changes in the operating profit of a company


orporate identity and branding is an indispensable tool of business strategy to increase value and competitiveness of organisations. We will work hard together on the consumer experience to make sure that what customers see is what the companies want to show them. To this aim, it is essential to have a deep knowledge of the Spanish market and its culture, and of how to reach, fromSpain, other markets abroad.

It is important to distinguish between corporate identity, brand identity, and brand image.

  • The corporate identity

It defines how your business is projected into the market to obtain the desired position in the mind of the consumer. Corporate identity is concerned with the visual aspects of a company.

  • Brand

To develop a brand is much more than an attractive new logo; the process of finding or creating a name needs to be aligned with the company’s strategy and values
We will help you to make sure that the brand is available and not being used within your market classification. Your visual identity (logo, colour, typography, photography etc.) is our company’s visual cue.

Analysis----- Development---- Tracking

 - Brand identity: The brand can be viewed as a product, a personality, a set of values

- Brand image: It is the totality of consumer perceptions about the brand, or how they see it, which may not coincide with the brand identity.


Setting up a business in Spainrequires an understanding of the Spanish market.
Locate in Spain Business Setup Services provide advice for the pre-investment stage, helping clients come up with business plans that suit their business requirements.

A thorough understanding of holding structures, choice of entity and capital structuring all go into the creation of a master plan.

Our services:

- Market research

- Choice of entity

- Location and real estate

-  Capital structuring

 - Business plans

 - Entry Strategy report


Choosing the right business entity is one of the essential steps when setting up a business almost anywhere in the world.

For investors seeking to establish their presence inSpain, selection of the right business entity would require a thorough understanding of the Spanish legal system and the tax implications governing the entity of choice.

The type of business entity – a business partnership, private limited company, public limited company, unlimited company, sole proprietorship, liaison office, representative office, project office, branch office, wholly owned subsidiary, joint venture company, etc. will determine the procedure for the creation of the company inSpain.

Our Services:

Drafting necessary applications for creating the entity

Registration and incorporation

Opening bank accounts


The business plan is meant to be a systematic and meticulous study of the business process involved.
The resultant business plan serves as an effective blueprint, guiding the setup process and preventing undesirable deviations from the set objectives.


We provides clients with the essential real estate support for setting up inSpain.
In addition to the assistance we provide in dealing with agents and property dealers, our consultants evaluate the lease/rent/buy decision and play an active part in the ensuing negotiations.

In addition to helping with office premises, we also assist in arranging expatriate housing, etc…