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Doughty Hanson has sold one of its Spanish portfolio companies to a Mexican trade buyer

European buyout firm Doughty Hanson has sold one of its Spanish portfolio companies to a Mexican trade buyer, amid increasing appetite for foreign businesses…

Spanish exports stands as one of the strogest of the entire European Union

From January to April Spanish Exports have increased 7%   Cargando cajas de mandarinas en Castellón rumbo a Rusia Una de las señales esperanzadoras…

Spanish Government and Institutions

We act as mediators between public institutions and firms

Spain is a democracy organised in the form of a parliamentary government under a constitutional monarchy It is a developed country with the twelfth largest econmy  in the world by nominal GDP, and very high living standards, including the tenth highest quality of life index rating the world, as of 2005.

It is a member of the United Nations, European Union, NATO, OECD, and WTO

This is the official logo of the Government of Spain:

  • We work closely with both national and local public institutions to provide the best advice for your Business in Spain and we also acts as mediators between public institutions and firms

 Subsidies, Grants and Incentives from the Spanish Government

The Spanish government has tried to attract Foreign Direct Investment by simplifying the rules and regulations that guide the set-up process in Spainand it provides incentives aimed at promoting the creation of industrial estates, innovation, technological improvement, research, development, and job creation. Spanish and foreign-owned companies as well as individuals willing to set up their own company inSpain may be eligible for these grants.

From our office inValenciawe are able to provide the necessary advice and assistance that foreign investors require to set up a company inSpain.

  • Depending on the exact nature of your business there may be a whole series of subsidies and grants available to you.
  • We can provide you with clear and accurate information about Spanish subsidies adequate for your needs, and deal with your application.

The Locate inSpainbusiness set-up team is well versed in all necessary aspects and procedures, and we are competent in advising on the correct procedure when applying for various approvals and registrations.

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