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The Indian Highgrowth Innovation takes a stake in Facomsa

Highgrowth Innovation has started operations with the purchase of a stake in the firm
FACOMSA, following a new share issue which leaves the investment fund in control of
35% of the company's share capital.
FACOMSA began in 1985 as a family firm producing motorcycle components, and has
expanded since then to become Europe's leading manufacturer of gearboxes and
instrument panels. Facomsa is based at its modern plant, of 2,600 square metres, in
Lliça de Vall (Spain), a production facility designed especially for the manufacture of
instrument panels and kits for indicating lights for all models of motorcycle on the
market. .
The very latest in electronic high technology has permitted Facomsa to create a new
range of instrumentation, with more precision and a wider range of features, for all
types of vehicle.
Facomsa has always strived to make products of the very highest quality, with the best
after-sales service, and has been driven to continually improve its standards. As a
result it has become the European market leader in its sector.
Facomsa has a clear vision for leadership, always aiming to improve its productivity, its
quality, its research and development and client service. In its expansion it has already
opened a plant in Brazil and has plans to open another facility in China by the end of
this year.
Highgrowth Partners, S.G.E.C.R is the firm which manages the investment fund
FonsInnocat and the newly-created Highgrowth Innovation fund. Partners in this new
fund include the Institut Català de Finances Holding, la Mutua de Propietarios, la Mutua
de Ingenieros, Inversiones Quat, Seguros Mercurio, TGapasa and Highgrowth Invest.
This group of partners will be expanded in coming months to include other private and
institutional investors who have expressed an interest in participating in the fund. It is
hoped that the fund will reach a total of € 25 million, and it is directed at small-andmedium
sized firms across Spain which aim to develop innovative projects, either in the
development phase or in the growth and consolidation phase of the projects.
FonsInnocat has invested in a total of thirteen firms since its creation in May 2002, and
has already realized growth potential following the sale of three of them.

Source: Facomsa press release

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