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Doughty Hanson has sold one of its Spanish portfolio companies to a Mexican trade buyer

European buyout firm Doughty Hanson has sold one of its Spanish portfolio companies to a Mexican trade buyer, amid increasing appetite for foreign businesses…

Spanish exports stands as one of the strogest of the entire European Union

From January to April Spanish Exports have increased 7%   Cargando cajas de mandarinas en Castellón rumbo a Rusia Una de las señales esperanzadoras…

Quality of Life

* Exceptional weather: Spain is worldwide known by its exceptional weather.  The weather in the Valencian Community is mainly Mediterranean. This means soft and dry Winters with temperatures between 16ºC and 18ºC (60-65ºF), heavy rains in Autumns and Springs, Summers with temperatures over 24-26ºC (75-79ºF). Relative humidity is high what causes a sticky feeling that relieves the marine breeze.

These mild temperatures make the Valencian Community a very pleasant place to live. 

* Mediterranean gastronomy: gastronomy in Spain is enriched by its different regions. It is very important  in our culture and our customs.

The most typical dish in the Mediterranean coast is the Paella. But there is a wide gastronomy variety that delights everyone who comes here: Fideuá, Mediterranean fish, sticky rice made with fish and molluscs. The gastronomical offer is wide as well as the quantity of famous restaurants that are located in the Valencian Community.

* Passion for leisure and sport: Spain is a country with a high touristic attraction for its sports infrastructures mainly for wáter sports, sky and golf. Spain ranks the 14º in the Sports Nation Worldwide list.

The Valencian Community is located by the Mediterranean sea and therefore, people here love wáter sports such as sailing, diving, snorkelling, etc

Furthermore, due to the warm weather open air sports a also very popular: Golf, marathon, tennis (David Ferrer and Juan Carlos Ferrero were born and trained in the Valencian Community), football, etc.

* Hotels: Spain both inland and in the islands have a wide offer of high quality hotels very well known worldwide and constantly visited by people from all over the World.

The Valencian Community is a touristic area and therefore it offers a large amount of high quality hotels: inn Valencia there are 385 hotels with 37.976 rooms, in Alicante there are 470 hotels with 67.927 rooms and in Castellón there are 193 hotels with 20.162 rooms.

There are also many touristic apartments.

* Welfare State: the welfare state involves a transfer of funds from the state, to the services provided (i.e. healthcare, education) as well as directly to individuals ("benefits").   In Spain there is a system of social protection covered by the Social Security. Workers contribute monthly through contributions and the Social Security provides us with health care (primary and hospital care) and financial benefits in the event of invalidity, maternity, retirement, unemployment and death.

Furthermore there is a public educational system also covered by the State.