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Doughty Hanson has sold one of its Spanish portfolio companies to a Mexican trade buyer

European buyout firm Doughty Hanson has sold one of its Spanish portfolio companies to a Mexican trade buyer, amid increasing appetite for foreign businesses…

Spanish exports stands as one of the strogest of the entire European Union

From January to April Spanish Exports have increased 7%   Cargando cajas de mandarinas en Castellón rumbo a Rusia Una de las señales esperanzadoras…

High level of people

High level of training and specialization of people

  • Large number of Universities and Business Schools distributed throughout the geography of the country.
  • In the Valencian Community there are 89 Universities and Colleges with more than 175.000 students. Valencia is the city preferred by the students at the ”European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students” (European interexchange program of University students). There are around 1.700 students from all Europe coming to Valencia to study one year at the University.
  •  Two Spanish Business Schools are among the 20 best Business Schools Worldwide according to Financial Times 2013:

  • ENTREPRENEURIAL: Spain and specially the Valencian Community is known through its history by its entrepreneur character.
  • INNOVATIVE: there is a net of 14 Technological Institutes (ITE) that gather companies of the most important sectors in the Valencian Community. These ITEs help companies with lab analysis, R&D projects, technological advice, training courses, etc.
  • COMMITED TO WORK: Companies in the Valencian Community describe their employees as loyal and hardworking.